Amir Arsad

Traveller | Content Creator | Travel vlogger


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Amir Arsad

Traveller | Content Creator | Travel vlogger

Who am I?

"Adventures fill my soul"

Being a lawyer considered a "dream" job for everyone, but somehow, I found myself burnt out after 2 years practicing as a lawyer. Then, I made a decision to take a break and quit my job. Right away after I quit my job, I went to travel to more than 30 countries in 2 years in searching of my passion and strength.

Until one day, I found myself passionate about exploring the world, sharing my experience and being a story teller. I love to explore outside the door, meeting new people, learning different culture, and be with nature. What i observe and experience, I documented it and shared it on my social media platform in a way to give the audience the same adventure feelings and knowledge.

I am Amir Arsad, born and raised in Batu Pahat, Johor Malaysia. For now, I am living my dream being a full-time traveller. I documented my journey on YouTube and Facebook, to inspire many people through out my journey.

Fun Facts
40 Countries Traveled
18,000KM+ Travelled by Bicycle
494 Days Longest Day Travelled
463K+ Followers in Social Media

How the journey started?

Graduated from Northern University of Malaysia in Degree of Bachelor of Law with Honours.

Became an Advocate & Solicitor. Worked at the legal firm in Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia.

My first adventure experience. Went to Indonesia. Since then, I started to love travel and I can’t be stopped  anymore. I keep going to explore more South East Asia Region.

I made crucial decisions in my life, to quit my job and left everything. Then, decided want to travel the world.

I am not looking back, I flew to London, UK with one way ticket. Since then, my first biggest expedition in life to travel form UK to Malaysia by overland started. I do backpacking in some Western Europe countries.

From backpacking, I bought a second hand bicycle, then started my cycling journey from Split, Croatia to back home in Malaysia with other 2 friends from Malaysia.

After 494 days on my adventure from UK to Malaysia, finally I’m home.

Adventure really fill my soul and I really haven’t feel it enough. So far I have been to 40 countries around the world, yet, I won’t stop seeking for adventure.

Some of adventure I have done after that :

  • Caravaning from London, England to Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • Caravaning around Peninsular Malaysia.
  • Cycling in South Korea for 25 days.
  • Cycling around Peninsular Malaysia.
  • Cycling from Istanbul, Turkey to Sarjevo, Bosnia.
  • And many more.
Let's collab!

I am open to any collaboration and work

Making content, mainly videos on YouTube and Facebook is my main focus. Having more than 463,000 followers on social media platform (Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram) and having very high engagement on social media platform will be benefit for advertisers or sponsors to get the exposure or increase sales.

I also do any freelance work related to travel and adventure such as tour guiding, digital marketing, motivational talk, travel and tour arrangement, and many more work related to my expertise. Please do not hesitate to contact me.


Some brand I have been collaborated with :


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Get in Touch
  • E-Mail :
  • Phone Number : 010 5400 194
  • Address : Semenyih, Selangor, MY
  • Freelance Status : Available